Local authorities’ international actions


Le Partenariat is a historical actor of decentralised cooperation. The organisation started off as an operator for the cities of Lille and Saint-Louis. Later its expertise was extended to other authorities, like the Nord-Pas de Calais Regional Council, the North General Council and the city of Saint-Laurent-Blangy. We are happy to support other local authorities who wish to set up a cooperation programme with a partner in the South.


What is decentralised cooperation?

Decentralised cooperation represents a long-term partnership between local authorities in different countries. Its aim is to strengthern local governance by facilitating the establishment of relationships between institutions.


Legal framework

According to the article L1115-1 from the French local authorities’ general code, authorities can establish conventions with foreign authorities to carry out cooperation and development projects.


Why get involved in a decentralised cooperation project?

  • To act concretely for a local, sustainable and community-based development here and abroad;
  • To be a responsible and engaged agent of change;
  • To encourage the citizens of your area to take action for a common cause;
  • To create a long-term link between partners in the field of intercultural relations, sharing of experiences and solidarity.


How can you get involved?

  • By establishing a decentralised cooperation with a local authority in the Saint-Louis and Matam regions in Senegal or in the Doukkala-Abda region in Morocco;
  • By awarding a grant to a specific project carried out by le Partenariat; 
  • By joining our NGO and supporting our activities;
  • By promoting decentralised cooperation between the North and the South, encouraging the implementation of twinning programmes and by raising people’s awareness.


Le Partenariat can help by:

  • Putting you into contact with Southern partners; 
  • Putting our team in the South and our technical tools at your disposal; 
  • Providing you with our expertise and knowledge of the local background.