Compagnies and foundations: share our values and skills !


Le Partenariat carries out projects for populations living abroad but also in the Nord-Pas de Calais region. That’s why we offer companies and foundations the opportunity to work with us, according to their budget and skills.

By sponsoring our organisation, you company will become an active actor for sustainable development and solidarity


Why support us?

  • To act for a local, sustainable and community-based development here and abroad;
  • To  promote your company’s image;
  • To be a responsible and engaged agent of change;
  • To involve your employees in a common project.


How can you act with us?

  • Sponsor a project in France or abroad, linked to your company’s activities or to our thematics;
  • Take part in a skill based sponsorship;
  •  Involve your employees in a common project to reinforce team spirit.


What we can offer you?

  • Training courses and activities linked to sustainable development and international solidarity;
  • The provision of conference rooms.


Benefit from a tax rebate

Sponsoring us enables French companies to deduct 60% of their donation from their taxes (up to a limit of 0,5% of your gross turnover).


Projects in need of support:

Diapalante (professional insertion centre for young people of Saint Louis)

CECIDD (Centre for international citizenship and sustainable development in Saint-Louis)

PAEMS (programme for water access at school in Senegal and Morocco).