Education for sustainable development


Sustainable development is a primary concern for humans and the planet. It is often linked to the protection of the environment, but there are also social and economic aspects that should not be forgotten. Gaïa Education Centre focuses on the social and solidarity dimension. “How am I concerned?” and “how can I act for sustainable development at my level?” are the questions the centre helps participants to answer, thanks to different activities.


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This game aims to inform and bring awareness to pupils about global and local sustainable development issues based on 5 themes: biodiversity, water, energy, waste, and international solidarity. Students have to answer questions, take part in practical activities and create a local agenda 21 for their class. The aim is that the game serves as the starting point of a long term project for the students and their teachers.


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This activity is a board game about the water cycle, access to water, and sanitation throughout the world. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on the inequalities and opportunities present on each continent.



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Classes take part in activities during a whole week. The aim is to bring awareness to students about international solidarity, respect and tolerance, thanks to different activities like the immersion workshop, the Volon’Terre game, cooperative games, interactive cinema, and do-it-yourself activities with recycled objects…



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Students take part in a day of fun activities about sustainable development. In the morning , students participate in various workshops run by local partners. At lunchtime they eat a meal made with local and seasonal products and take part in the Volon’Terre game in the afternoon.