The Senegal immersion workshop


Thanks to real life scenery reproducing a Senegalese village and the fishing district of a city, children, teenagers and adults can discover daily life in Senegal through a role play game. The immersion workshop is the flagship pedagogical activity of the Gaïa Education Centre. It aimes to enable participants to discover a different culture and lifestyle and, on a broader level, bring awareness to them about global citizenship, tolerance, respect for others and intercultural relations.



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During a half day, pupils discover everyday life in Senegal in real life scenery. The journey starts off by a flight on a plane. On their arrival in Senegal each participant is given a role to play, a Senegalese name and clothes. They are then immerged into this new lifestyle during 3 hours. Participants are encouraged to work together to overcome obstacles. This allows them to discover both the disadvantages and the richness of the country.

A training course is organised for teachers who wish to take part in the workshop with their students, in order to help them prepare their class. After the workshop, teachers are given a DVD and workbooks to link the activity with real life and to encourage them to carry on working on this thematic at school.



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Students discover Senegal using their five senses (5 mini workshops) - 1H30.



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Participants take part in a 2 hour role play game, based on sustainable development issues in Senegal. Each participant has a role and takes part in debates about organic farming and flooding. This role play game leads to a constructive reflection about sustainable development in Southern countries.