Gaïa Education Centre aims to train teachers and bring awareness to students about global learning and international citizenship.




We are all citizens of one country: the earth. This one country is still marked by inequalities, for which action can be taken. We can all become responsible actors in order to achieve a more human globalisation and ensure sustainable development for everyone. That’s why le Partenariat runs training courses and original activities focusing on children, educators and teachers.

Gaïa Education Centre was created in 2006 by le Partenariat, with the help of Studio Globo (Belgium partner). The Centre is unique in France and offers a range of different educational activities: training courses for teachers, immersion workshops for children, educational kits, sustainable development team games…

Gaïa Education Centre seeks to bring awareness to children and adults about relations among the different regions of the world, respect, tolerance and sharing. Learning about citizenship is a way to become aware of the diversities and richness of our world, of others who live abroad or just nearby.

Gaïa Education Centre is accredited by the French ministry of Education.


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