Who are we?



Le Partenariat is an international solidarity organisation created in 1981. It aims to fight inequalities and acts for solidarity worldwide.


Our vision:
Le Partenariat wishes to be part of a fairer world. It contributes to improve populations' living conditions and acts for a local, sustainable and community-based development.


Our missions:

  • Develop a “human scale” cooperation between partners from the North and the South, in order to reinforce local actors’ capacities and improve populations’ living conditions.
  • Develop citizens’ awareness (from the North and the South) about the social economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development and promote a feeling of solidarity, both locally and internationally.


Our policy:
Solidarity and reciprocity are the core values of le Partenariat and are present in all projects. We particularly focus on:

  • Creating a network between experienced partners
  • Ensuring a close cooperation with institutional actors and the civil society during each steps of the projects;
  • Involving the participation of the beneficiaries as actors, right from the start of the project;


Our objectives:

  • Fight poverty and promote development in a spirit of exchange and reciprocity;
  • Encourage open dialog between authorities from the Nord-Pas de Calais Region and the South, in a spirit of partnership and solidarity;
  • Develop a special relationship between populations, local organisations and social groupings from the South and the North, and encourage them to share information and experiences;
  • Implement and promote global learning and international citizenship in the North and the South;
  • Develop and implement vocational and non vocational professional training courses in the following fields: global learning, sustainable development, interculturality, international citizenship, integration and preservation of employment and all other issues linked to the organisation’s values;
  • Integrate the global and local dimension of sustainable development in all activities, by showing that issues are related and concern everyone.